Bulk Boxes and Bixboxes

  • A shipping and storing solution.
  • With high load capacity.
  • Long service life.
  • The flat smooth double walls provide: 
               high durability
               unique stability with the option to stack the boxes
Katalog zboží

More about bulk boxes and big boxes

  • Designed to be used in the food-processing, chemical and technical industry.
  • Made of HDPE, 100 % recyclable.
  • Can be used in cool storage operations.
  • Also, can be used for storing liquids; for this purpose, they can be equipped with a drain hole with a thread and stopper, or a discharge valve.
  • Also designed for collecting, transporting, and storing fruit and vegetables with care.
  • May be equipped with other accessories, such as a hinged loading window, wheels, skids.
  • The box construction with round edges and corners makes cleaning easy.
  • Stackable up to eight pieces per stack with a high total load capacity.
  • Available with solid walls and bottom, or perforated.