About us

PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o., founded in 1994 as KP Market, is a dynamic organization that has grown into one of the leading suppliers on both the Czech and Slovak markets.

In 1998, PPO got involved in the field of designing and manufacturing packaging and shipping units for dispatching in the automotive and technical industries where it has become one of the leading contractors thanks to the numerous successful projects.

The results of our development department that processes the knowledge from the market and creates new packaging designs have already proven to be successful, which is not only reflected in the satisfaction of our clients, but also in the eight PACKAGE OF THE YEAR awards, one LOG-IN award in 2005, the WORLD STAR PACKAGING award in 2008, the GOLD PARTNER in packaging design for TOYOTA.

The growing interest in our services and products has brought us to the decision to build a production plant with modern production technologies with the aim of considerably increasing the capacity and expanding our activities to other markets.

Our product line includes plastic transport packaging for various industries and custom packaging.

PPO DEMA  s.r.o.

PPO Dema, s.r.o., is a company that was created by the merger of PPO Group CZ s.r.o. and Dema Senica, a.s., with the aim to stabilise on the Slovak market and gradually expand to foreign markets.

The Company wanted to increase its production capacity, build a plant, and deliver technology basically overnight. They were looking for a suitable partner. To make all that work, quality staff was also required and that happened thanks to the 2015 acquisition. In 2016, PPO Dema who manufactures packaging material and dunnage for the automotive industry, launched the construction of a new facility in Senica.

The first construction phase that included a reconstruction of the office building and the construction of new storage spaces on an area of 6 000 m² was completed in 2018.
The second phase was implemented at the turn of 2019. During this phase, the production halls were reconstructed, as well as outdoor spaces with a total area of about 3 500 m². The reconstruction is aimed at modernizing the premises and making the production more efficient, while also considering the ecological and energy efficiency of the individual buildings, and greenery.


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