Plastic pallets

  • As the requirements for pallet properties have recently increased, plastic pallets are becoming more popular; they are offered in many different versions and sizes thanks to the wide variability of the production technology.
  • Our portfolio includes the following sizes:
              600x400 mm
              800x600 mm
, suitable for display sale and distribution of fast-moving consumer goods
              1 200x800 mm
              1 200x1 000 mm

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More about plastic pallets

  • Unusual dimensions are also available.
  • Despite their low weight, plastic pallets provide a high load tolerance and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Plastic pallets have a long durability and bring considerable economic savings when compared with wooden pallets.
  • Plastic pallets reach minimum weight differences between the individual pieces of the same type, +/- 1%, which is a particularly important prerequisite for the acceptance of weighted goods, namely in the food-processing industry.
  • Plastic pallets are often made of HDPE, a fully hygienic material that makes it possible to use the pallets in the food production where a high emphasis is placed on hygiene in direct contact with food.