Flexility Clabox GLT

The large load carrier FLEXILITY® CLABOX LLC is foldable – saving space as well as reducing expense and environmental impact during empty transport. A wide variety of inserts such as EPP, TEXBAG®, STOCO® or INLET® can be used. The load carrier is also flexible when it comes to material: FLEXILITY® CLABOX LLC can be made of plastic or steel. Loading and unloading is done from above or diagonally from the front.

Product catalog
Ecofold Box
  • Size is 600 x 400 x 388 mm
  • When folded is 600 x 400 x 115 mm
  • From material PP
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Load capacity is 30 kg (stacking 500 kg)
  • A label holder in the box base and walls
  • Optional printing or logo stamp
SmartFold box
  • Comes with textile dunnage.
  • Handling the sensitive surface of packed products with maximum care.
  • The size and construction of dunnage (loading cells) are adjusted to the product sizes regarding their sensitive areas.
  • Thanks to its flexibility, up to 50 - 100 % more pieces can be packed when compared with other separation systems.
  • Easy maintenance by washing.
  • Dunnage is a fixed part of the box.
  • The box can be folded without having to remove the dunnage.
  • Elimination of loss or devaluation of the dunnage.