UN Boxes

  • A type of an IBC container (Intermediate Bulk Container) for the transport of solid hazardous substances.
  • The containers are equipped with three skids and sealed with a lid, secured with two straps.
  • Certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute.
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More about UN boxes

  • Designated for the transport of solid hazardous substances.
  • Their functionality and safety have been verified and confirmed by the Belgian Packaging Institute (IBE-BVI).
  • Equipped with three skids and a sealed lid, which is secured with two straps mounted on the longer side.
  • Designated for the transport, handling, and storing solid hazardous substances, including residual hazardous liquids, such as oil filters, car batteries, residuals of paints and similar commodities that meet the 11H2 ADR. 
  • Three skids enable perfect and effective filling of the box.
  • Available in two sizes, 1 200x800 mm and 1 200x1 000 mm, both with a height of 780 mm.