Box and Crate Dunnage

  • Dunnage is manufactured from various materials:

  • We deliver several types of dunnage:
              cardboard plastic

  • All dunnage types may be coated with various types of lamination.
  • We can prevent human error when inserting parts into dunnage thanks to the digital printing.
Product catalog

Types of fixations

  • Material PES / PA 300 g.
  • Possibility of ESD performance.
  • Even in the case of smaller cells, thanks to the stable grid, easy insertion of parts.
  • Completely seamless self-supporting texbag.
  • Flexible partitions as with sewn texbags.
Cardboard Plastic Dunnage


  • ​Cardboard plastic is made of polypropylene (PP).
  • Available in several colours with different thickness and density.

  • The main advantages include variability, thermal durability, resistance to UV radiation, and it may also be delivered as antistatic (ESD).

  • Cardboard plastic is more than suitable for the production of trays, dunnage, etc.


Foam Dunnage
  • Provides perfect protection of surface-finished and fragile products, namely during transport and handling.
  • It can be perfectly adjusted to the dimension and shape of the packed goods.
  • Provides perfect protection from shocks and vibrations.
  • The foam dunnage has an exceptionally low weight, high durability and may also be delivered as antistatic (ESD).
Textile Dunnage
  • Types of textile dunnage:
​      unwoven


  • Especially suitable for transporting parts with finished surface.

  • All types provide perfect protection of products, namely during transport and handling.

  • Textile dunnage can be manufactured precisely according to the customer’s needs, in various alternatives, weight, etc., and it may also be delivered as antistatic (ESD).

  • Textile dunnage is low maintenance