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Tailor made packaging solutions

We are a modern and innovative company active in the field of development and production of transport packages and packaging solutions.
Our philosophy is "excellence and focus on customer needs". This spirit permeates all our  
activity and each package we produce. It is the basis of our development and it shows us the direction we want to go.  
Due to the latest technologies along with vast experience and expertise in the development and production of packages
we offer a wide range of products such as tailor made packages, plastic crates, plastic pallets, carts, bigboxes etc.
PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o.     
Brněnská 2938/25           
671 81 Znojmo                
The Czech Republic
+420 515 266 000
About PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o.

PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. after its founding in  1994 became one of the  leading suppliers of plastic shipping containers in our market. It has gradually become the leader even  in the area of suppliesof complete packages, especially in the automotive industry.