Hygienic pallets

  • They meet the strictest requirements for the construction and design for use in the conditions of the food-processing industry.
  • The unique design of the hygienic pallets without any sharp edges and corners, together with the use of best-quality materials in their production, ensures a completely closed, waterproof construction that meets the most demanding legislative requirements for direct contact with foodstuff during transport and storage of food products.
  • Thanks to the perfect structural design and smooth surface, maximum cleanliness of the pallets can be provided by automated or manual washing, both time and economically undemanding.


  • Hygienic plastic pallets 

  • Unique for handling, storing and transporting food products.
  • Supplied in three basic dimensions: 800x600 mm, 1 200x800 mm and 1 200x1000 mm with load capacity up to 2 000 kg.
  • Available with open or closed top deck according to customer's needs and usage.
  • Some types can be reinforced with hidden steel profiles for increased load capacity of pallets.
  • Made of HDPE, 100 % recyclable.
  • Easy to clean, cavity minimization and rounded edges significantly simplify the cleaning process.