Flexility Combi GLT

FLEXILITY® COMBI® LCC can be used for a wide range of component shapes. Possible inserts include STOCO®, TEXBAG® or INLET® . Even large components such as interior door panels can be safely carried. The rigid LLC can be designed as a front loader with compartments or as a top loader. The housing is available in steel or plastic versions.

Product catalog
Metal containers
  • It is used for shipping larger and more robust parts, mostly in the automotive industry where parts such as car roof fillers are made.
  • This special metal container is also used in the electrical, building, chemical and food-processing industry.
  • The metal container can be used for air-conditioning units, engines, half-axles, car bumpers, windscreens, car assembly units, castings, roofing, textile rolls.
  • New ergonomic solution for inserting and removing parts.
  • Suitable for heavy and large parts.
  • Suspension of parts in sliding cells.
  • Safe and gentle storage of parts.
  • Parts in texbag without contact with outer walls and bottom.
  • Pallet stacking elements according to customer needs.
  • Printing and marking as required.