Pallets for Distribution

  • Thanks to the wide variability of the production technology, the pallets for distribution are offered in many different versions and sizes.
  • Our portfolio includes the following sizes: 600x400 mm and 800x600 mm suitable for display sale and distribution of fast-moving consumables, and the standard sizes of 1 200x800 mm and 1 200x1 000 mm.
  • The pallets can have a non-slip surface and they can be stacked, which provides an advantage in storage and recollection of empty pallets.
Katalog zboží

More about pallets for distribution

  • Despite their low weight, they provide a high load resistance.
  • Their stacking property is an important logistic element in the collection of empty pallets, bringing considerable savings.
  • The use of plastic instead of wood eliminates the necessity to prove that the pallets have been treated against pests.
  • Extremely easy to clean.