EPP Packaging for Sensitive Parts

  • Optimal ratio between durability and low weight.
  • Material shape memory.
  • Precise contactless fixing of loose parts.
  • The stacking system prevents contamination.
  • High savings in the re-collection logistic costs.
  • Application in the automated manipulation system.
Product catalog
  • Low set weight.
  • Sophisticated connection with EPP Box.
  • Elimination of Velcro.
  • Guaranteed durability of mounting for the duration of the project.
  • Simple replacement of dunnage.
Lightweight and stable EPP transport package with integrated insert. To save the volume of transport or storage, it is enough to stack the package by turning it without wasting time by folding.
  • The best solution for reducing total costs in the logistics flow
  • Save 50% of volume when picking up and storing empty packaging
  • Support for the lean manufacturing process => simple system = no folding + no disassembly
  • Stacking by flipping every other container upside down
  • Integrated insert for precise fastening of loaded parts
  • Stable stacking
  • Low weight
  • Practical handles