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Here is the explanation of terms used on this Website:

  • Isothermal container - a package providing thermal insulation of filling (content)
  • Kanban - decentralized simple method to coordinate the movement of material supplied to the production line, which operates on a basis of self-controlling regulation circuits. Standard storage boxes or standard sizes of batches are used, each with its own card. It is a pull system, in which production workplaces order parts from previous workplaces by means of a card. This method is suitable for permanent mass or medium series production with high stability of demand and  limited assortment. Nothing is produced "for the stock"; a workplace only is allowed to produce if it obtains an "order" in the form of the card from the previous workplace. Each kanban is often used as a synonym for the specific scheduling system developed and used by Japanese company Toyota.
  • Compatibility - compatibility
  • Bearing capacity - the maximum permitted weight of the load, by which means of transportation or storage can be permanently loaded
  • Package - means of packaging or a set of means suitable for the protection of products against harmful external influences, to prevent damage, which might be caused by the products to their surrounding and enable or facilitate the circulation and the consumption of the product.
  • Packaging unit - units for sale are sometimes organized into a packaging unit, which has handling rather than sales reasons We generally avoid special packaging units, as packaging costs are significant here. In many cases packaging unit equals to the sales unit.
  • Packaging technology - set of activities and  means providing the optimization of packaging functions.
  • The packaging material - the material, from which packages are made, the material for packaging and obtaining consistency of packaged goods for the purposes of shipment, storage and sales.
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About PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o.

PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. after its founding in  1994 became one of the  leading suppliers of plastic shipping containers in our market. It has gradually become the leader even  in the area of suppliesof complete packages, especially in the automotive industry. 
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