Metal Containers

  • Metal containers are one of the custom packaging options in our portfolio.
  • They provide maximum robustness and long durability in the most demanding operating conditions.
  • Metal containers can be delivered with custom-designed and modified dunnage.
  • They are frequently used in the shipping of larger and more robust parts, such as interior car roof fillers, etc.

Product catalog
Metal containers
  • It is used for shipping larger and more robust parts, mostly in the automotive industry where parts such as car roof fillers are made.
  • This special metal container is also used in the electrical, building, chemical and food-processing industry.
  • The metal container can be used for air-conditioning units, engines, half-axles, car bumpers, windscreens, car assembly units, castings, roofing, textile rolls.
New ergonomic solution for inserting and removing parts.
Suitable for heavy and large parts.
Suspension of parts in sliding cells.
Safe and gentle storage of parts.
Parts in texbag without contact with outer walls and bottom.
Pallet stacking elements according to customer needs.
Printing and marking as required.