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Tailor made packages

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PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. offers a wide assortment of returnable packaging under its own brand of EKOLINE. (ECOlogical, ECOnomical, made of PP and PE materials.
Products of theEKOLINE series can be individually adapted exactly according to the client requirements.. The production can be implemented even with very small quantities.


The EKOLINE assortment includes:

Samples of Ekoline assortment

CMP box with a lid, textile fixation
CMP box with cutout, cardboard plastic fixation
CMP box, a part of a special packaging, foam fixation
customer-specific packaging
metal container
metal container

The process of development and the tailor made production of packages

Inquiry for package design
for a particular project, a product of the customer
The inquiry starts the whole process of the design of the package development.
Analysis of needs
of the inquiring client and subsequent proposals for a suitable type of the package solution.
Another step is the analysis of needs.. At this stage based on the information from the customer we select and recommend the most suitable solution.
Development and  design
of a prototype in own design studio
The development and  design of the prototype take place in the company own design studio.. This is the place of the development of products and  concepts according to the most recent trends and using the most advanced technologies. At this stage the package is tested both by our specialists and in  the operation directly at the  customer.
The production of required series.
in-house, where we use the latest HI-TEC technologies.
After the approval of the prototype the serial production is launched. Our plant for processing of plastics fully utilizes modern polymers and applies the latest HI-TEC technologies. We rigorously observe the quality of production at the highest level corresponding to internationally recognized standards A careful output inspection is another integral part of the whole production process. We are holders of the ISO 9001 certificate.
Deployment of packages
in the logistic circulation of the customer.
Properly designed and  precisely manufactured package primarily protects products against damages during the transport and  facilitates handling in the logistic circulation. The package designed and produced in this way also brings significant financial  and time savings.

Samples of production and development process

1. Analysis of needs
2. Development and design
3. Series production
4. Series production
5. Series production
6. Series production
7. Resulting package
8. Resulting package
9. Resulting package
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About PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o.

PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. after its founding in  1994 became one of the  leading suppliers of plastic shipping containers in our market. It has gradually become the leader even  in the area of suppliesof complete packages, especially in the automotive industry. 
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