Finálové zápasy PPO futsalové ligy SVČ Znojmo

Finálové zápasy PPO futsalové ligy SVČ Znojmo

The winner of the first year of the PPO futsalové ligy SVČ Znojmo became the ZŠ JUDr. Josef Mareš and ZŠ Mládež

On May 21, 2022, the final matches of the PPO futsalová liga SVČ Znojmo took place. This is a new project, prepared in mutual cooperation by PPO GROUP CZ, s. r. o. and SVČ Znojmo.

The final Saturday tournament started with semi-final matches in the younger category. The very first match brought great drama. After the 1:1 result, only penalty kicks were decided, in which "Republika" defeated "Mládežka". The second semi-final was clearly under the direction of "Mareska", which beat "Pražská" by a clear score of 8:3.
The same opponents also faced each other in the semi-finals of the older category. While the players of ZŠ Mládež returned the defeat to their competitors from ZŠ náměstí Republiky even with interest (result 9:4), ZŠ JUDr. Josefa Mareš once again overpowered the boys from ZŠ Pražská. After a 5:5 draw, the second game had to be decided by penalty kicks again.

The medal matches started with the bronze medal in the junior category. "Mládežka" at least got their appetite back after the semi-final defeat and secured the podium with a 6:2 victory over "Pražská".
In the combative and emotionally charged match between "Republiky" and "Pražská", the players from ZŠ náměstí Republiky were more successful in the end and after a 4:2 win, they won the bronze medal in the older category.

The final of the junior category was dramatic until the last second. The players of "Republika" were unable to defend the slender one-goal lead, and ZŠ JUDr. After a close 2:1 victory, Josefa Mareš was finally able to enjoy gold medals and a wonderful travel cup.

In the final of the senior category, the favored "Mládežka" did not allow any drama and after a precise performance against "Mareška" she won the title with a score of 10:2.