Combi box

Combi box
Customer satisfaction and wishes are everything to us. That's why we're very pleased that our packaging has taken hold at Toyota, so much so that they talked about it in packaging magazine.


Excerpt from an article in Packaging Herald magazine

A novelty is the packaging of a new front plastic fender rim for the Aygo X. Despite the relatively large size of the part, the goal was, due to the space on the line, the use of a box. However, the standard injection boxes used by Toyota are not produced in this size, and similar variants would be too heavy. At the same time, in order to maintain stackability with Toyota boxes, they wanted to avoid the so-called triplex box. Finally, the carmaker, in cooperation with the PPO Group, implemented a combi box, which has a lower and upper edge formed by a standard injection-molded box, but the height is extended by a triplex. This achieved the required stackability with other boxes, acceptable weight and height.

Jakub Tykal TMMCZ