• Combi box

    Combi box

    Customer satisfaction and wishes are everything to us. That's why we're very pleased that our packaging has taken hold at Toyota, so much so that they talked about it in packaging magazine.
  • EPP8


    Thanks to the development of fixation with the elimination of velcro in EPP boxes, a new profile was created, which guarantees the strength of the attachment and easy replacement of the so-called Arrow profile
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  • Final matches PPO futsalové ligy SVČ Znojmo

    Final matches PPO futsalové ligy SVČ Znojmo

    We already know the winners of the first year of the PPO futsalové ligy SVČ Znojmo, they are from the younger category of ZŠ Mareše and for the older category ZŠ Mládež.


    Increasing interest in our products in the field of large-volume transport packaging prompted us to take over the traditional, long-standing, and respected in its field, manufacturer of steel structures KOVO VEDA s.r.o. through our newly founded subsidiary PPO STEEL CZ, s.r.o.
  • SliderPac


    System of textile pickpockets in a metal structure.The product has optimal ergonomics for loading and unloading particularly larger and larger parts. Thanks to the suspension of the sliding cells, the parts are sensitively placed in a textile pocket without contact with the bottom or walls of the outer box. The metal structure can be custom equipped with various types of stacking elements, according to customer needs.
  • Tisax


    In 2022, we successfully completed the TISAX® information security assessment by an independent certification authority. In this way, we guarantee the safe exchange of sensitive information not only within the automotive industry.

PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. – Company Headquarters


PPO GROUP CZ, s.r.o. was founded in 1994. We are a modern and innovative company that has been engaged in the field of development and production of reusable transport packaging for more than twenty-five years.
Our objective is to respect the individual needs of customers and to cooperate with them intensely in the development of various custom-made packaging designs. Our diverse product range includes plastic transport packaging for all industries, including food processing, electrical and technical industries.
The outcomes of the progressive activity of our development department and the continuously expanding production plant operating on the principles of state-of-the-art technologies have proven to be successful, which is, above all, reflected in the satisfaction of our clients, as well as in the many awards we have received, such as the Packaging of the Year, the Log-In award, Worldstar for Packaging, the Gold Packaging Design Partner award by Toyota.

PPO DEMA  s.r.o.

PPO Dema was founded after our branch in Slovakia, PPO SK s.r.o. took over the automotive division of DEMA a.s., a joint-stock company, which had always been a traditional and respected firm in its line of business, with the aim to build a stable position on the Slovak market and to gradually expand to foreign markets. The Company wanted to increase its production capacity, build a plant, and deliver technology basically overnight, and it was looking for a suitable partner. To make all that work, quality staff is also required and that happened thanks to the 2015 acquisition.
At the end of 2016, PPO Dema, who manufactures packaging material and dunnage for the automotive industry, launched the construction of a new facility in Senica and the new modern facility was completed in 2017.

PPO STEEL CZ, s.r.o. - subsidiary

Increasing interest in our products in the field of large-volume transport packaging prompted us to take over the traditional, long-standing, and respected in its field, manufacturer of steel structures KOVO VEDA s.r.o. through our newly founded subsidiary PPO STEEL CZ, s.r.o.
The acquisition will offer our clients an assortment of innovative metal transporters variably supplemented with different types of fixations.
This year, we will start the modernization of existing buildings and production premises, including the acquisition of new high-tech technologies in order to increase production capacities for new product lines.

Design Studio
We are fully aware of the importance of our own KNOW-HOW. Our experience and knowledge of the market are a fundamental advantage and a pre-condition for a professional analysis of the needs and resulting suggestions for every one of our consumers.

We develop and design prototypes in our own design studio. The studio develops products and concepts according to the latest trends and with the use of state of the art technology.
Material Development

Our Company monitors the current trends in the field of textile, foam and sheet materials and components. Therefore, our portfolio includes both common and proven types of materials and materials developed in cooperation with our suppliers so that we can meet the requirements of our customers and always design functional packaging corresponding to the character of the part to be packed.

Every new material developed goes through a thorough validation process that consists, among other things, consists of a series of tests of different sample versions in our laboratory, resulting in its final version that meets the requirements we have defined.



The plastic processing plant fully uses modern polymers and applies state of the art HI-TECH technologies. We adhere to the highest production quality level that corresponds with internationally valid standards. All our products are diligently tested in terms of construction and application.

A thorough final inspection is an integral part of the entire production process. We hold the ISO 9001 certificate.
We are part of the program
Increasing the professional qualifications of employees