Package of the year 2007
Smarfold box
Smartfold box, compared to standard solutions brings many benefits and  innovations.



  • significant time savings when folding / unfolding box when it is not necessary to remove the fixation and save it separately
  • prevents damaging / degradation of fixation during the removal transport in the separate condition
  • faster and transparent evidence of the compact one-piece unit upon reception and  shipment without a need for searching for the assembly consisting of  several parts (box, lid, fixation)

SmartFold box saves space at shipment and  storage:

  • 25% volume compared to other folding compact or Tri-Pac systems with internal fixation, when it is necessary to remove the fixation due to the lack of the space
  • 60% volume compared to non-folding boxes with the fixation


SmartFold box is provided with the fixation from the non-woven fabric

  • handling the  sensitive surface of loaded products with the maximum care
  • dimensions and fixation (of loading cells) are adapted to the dimensions of products with respect to their sensitive points
  • due to its flexibility the fixation from the non-woven fabric offers 50 to 100% more loaded pieces compared to other separation systems
  • easy care by washing
  • up to 50% less time required for loading/unloading goods
Smartfold box from Plastové Přepravní Obaly has been a real and true success due to its original design and innovative solutions. This success was awarded by the PACKAGE OF THE YEAR 2007 award in the category of transportation and  technological packages , which is the seventh award for our company in the successive order.
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