Package of the year 2005
eko-line pack
PPO has become the pioneer of many development trends and has firmly determined bases in many areas of the industry. In our design studio we have been developing products and concepts based on the latest materials and production technologies.
Substantial portfolio of registered protective designs and ownership rights provides PPO with the secure guarantee of its investments even in the  future. Under the eko-line pack brand (ECO nomic & ECO logic) we offer a wide assortment of shipping "tailor made" containers.
Plastic crates have been for many years an inherent part of material flows for individual areas of the industry. Due to its design and  production technology the eko-line pack series provides the possibility of immediate production even of a very small series (from 1 pc)  considering all requirements of the client (dimensions, weight).
diploma 2005
For the production of the eko-line pack series PPO has built a plant, where it has applied latest production technologies and has been using modern polymers. The production quality is maintained at a high level corresponding to internationally recognized standards and  norms.
The production of a prototype to the validation of the product of the eko-line pack series according to the customer requirements only takes several hours from its submission!
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